Film Handling

  • 16mm Split Reel

    Aluminum. Available with either 5/16″ or 1/2″ keyway.

  • 2000′ Film Measuring Stick

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    35mm Split Reel

    35mm split reels are available with 5/16″ or 1/2″ keyway.   5/16″ is standard.  4000′ size is available with 1/2″ keyway only.

  • 5000′ Film Measuring Stick

  • Artist Paper Tape

  • Black Velvet

  • Christy’s Film Cleaner – Available for shipping to continental US ONLY! Gallon for local pick up only.

    Liquid film cleaner.  Fast drying.  Very effective.

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    Coding Tape

    White coding tape for use with Acmade coding machines to print a code on the edge of the picture film and/or perforated magnetic stock.

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    Color Artist Paper Tape

  • Film Scribe, plastic

    Plastic scribe for making change-over mark on motion picture film.

  • Film Shrinkage Gauge 8/16/35mm

  • FilmRenew – Available for shipping to continental US ONLY!


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